Heated Seats

Heated seats offer a luxury that is beneficial in our cold climate. Anyone who has ever climbed into their car on a typical Yorkshire morning – especially those who have leather seats - will need no introduction to the benefits of upgrading to heated seats. Yorkshire Auto Electrical Solutions supply and install seat heaters for a number of main car dealerships throughout Yorkshire, so you can be sure our products and workmanship meet the same high standards as those fitted at the stage of manufacture.

Feedback from our existing clients also tells us that those with joint and muscle pains may find their driving comfort improved after upgrading to heated seats. If you want to add a little bit of extra luxury we also supply and install carbon fibre seat heaters.

Carbon Fibre technology offers faster heating and higher temperatures, and the pads can be trimmed to suit all makes and models. So, if you’ve bought a car and were disappointed to discover heated seats were not already an included option, or if you would just like to make those winter morning commutes more pleasant, make sure you get in touch today.

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